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-old sean collier. they then carjacked a man at gunpoint. police chased down the suspects in the stolen car. that's when the shootout happened. >> right now all the boston area schools are closed. businesses are closed. public transportation shut down. wolf almost wasn't able to get here when he landed at logan airport coming back. so why? abundance of caution, explosives are involved, they want to have less opportunities for invasion by the suspect, hence the instruction everyone stay in your homes if you can because officers are going door-to-door right now. >> chris lawrence is at the campus of the university of massachusetts in dartmouth. actually had been registered there as a student. at this hour the campus is closed and controlled evacuation, those are the words. a controlled evacuation on the campus is underway. chris, what are you learning? >> you know, wolf, we're standing here basically surrounded by police. not only university of mass dartmouth police, but state police as well as well as local officials. and we're seeing just literally dozens and hundreds of students streaming
the death of officer sean collier, 26, a source with direct knowledge of the investigation says he never had time too activate his emergency alert and did not radio dispatch about the suspects. the source says it's not clear why the brother. bushes the officer. shot four to five times as he sat in his patrol vehicle. officer collier was laid to rest over the weekend. as i said he was just 26 years old. boston is slowly taking steps to return to some semblance of normal, eight days after two bombs tore through the finish line of that marathon. business owners and residents of boilstown street are returning to the area. escorted in over several hours today. site is closed to the public. jason carroll, you've been talking to business owners. what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, it's a long road ahead for them and they're saying a lot of things about it. they're checking in at a convention center around the block from where i am now. behind me here, you can see, anderson, it looks empty on the street but it's not what happens happening outside. it's what's happening inside the businesse
-old sean collier. we're told vice president biden will attend a memorial service for him on wednesday. as we mentioned, dzhokhar tsarnaev won't be charged as an enemy combatant. he'll be prosecuted in the criminal justice system. is this the right move? >> absolutely. it's actually a no-brainer on so many levels. for one, this is a strong case so why would you abandon the sort of normal system of criminal justice? but for symbolic reasons. >> that. but also, as for the same reason they held off on mirandized him, to get as much information from him in case there are other plots. >> so this is where the question of what they can get out of him and what they can use in court are sort of different questions at this stage. they can ask him a lot of questions without mirandizing him, although we believe that he has been mirandized at this stage. and get information about him, about either impending threats or what hatched to his brother and what happened over the last week or years even. that doesn't need to be used against him in a court of law. that's what's so amazing about this complai
the fbi released those photos of the suspects. then sean collier was killed in his cruiser. moments later the two stole a mercedes suv. suspect number one, the man in the black hat was shot and killed. then the morning in boston officials extended a shelter in place order city wide that shut down schools, businesses and mass transit and soon after it was lifted this afternoon. very soon after the stand off began over in water town with the 19-year-old cornered in a boat around 8:45 eastern. law enforcement moved in. pulled the suspect from his hiding plane -- hiding place and took him into custody. >>> about a half an hour after the second suspect was captured, president obama's praised the people of boston. >> they failed because as americans, we refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: the president vowed to get all the remaining questions about the bombings answered and he cautioned americans against a rush to judgment about the brother's motive or their background. >> a u.s. government official says at this point there is no known tie between the suspects and any extremist groups. but h
of the suspects. then sean collier was killed in his cruiser. moments later the two stole a mercedes suv. suspect number one, the man in the black hat was shot and killed. then the morning in boston officials extended a shelter in place order city wide that shut down schools, businesses and mass transit and soon after it was lifted this afternoon. very soon after the stand off began over in water town with the 19-year-old cornered in a boat around 8:45 eastern. law enforcement moved in. pulled the suspect from his hiding plane -- hiding place and took him into custody. >>> about a half an hour after the second suspect was captured, president obama's praised the people of boston. >> they failed because as americans, we refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: the president vowed to get all the remaining questions about the bombings answered and he cautioned americans against a rush to judgment about the brother's motive or their background. >> a u.s. government official says at this point there is no known tie between the suspects and any extremist groups. but have learned quite a bit about the brot
that occurred last night. 26-year-old sean collier was a young father with a six-month-old baby. police believe the tsarnaev brothers shot him in his squad car on campus. the twist was they began volunteering at the boxing gym where suspect number one, tamerlin-tsarnaev trained years ago. it is unlikely the two ever crossed paths. >>> one of those injured is an 11-year-old boy from martinez. there is promising news about him tonight. he ate his first solid meal since being injured. he was struck near the finish line as he waited for his mother to cross. we have information about several community fundraisers for aaron and his family posted at you will find that under see it on tv. >>> and tonight passengers are a you riffing -- passengers are arriving to a quiet and eerie city. expre they are exprg relief that the second suspect has been captured alive. john alston is at sfo with their story. john? >> on one flight passengers learned the manhunt was over. when the pilot made the announcement some even broke into uh -- applause. one woman who ran the marathon hopes this is the end
campbell, and martin richard, and lingzi lu, all killed at the finish line, and then sean collier killed at mit. >> and president obama promising the city they would get assistan assistance. athena jones at the white house this morning. what else did we hear from the president? >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. in the days since the bombing in boston we heard words of comfort to the victims and to the city of boston. late last night in a statement he offered words of comfort and he answered questions many of the people following the story have been asking. >> tonight there are still many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men that grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence? how did they plan and carry out these attacks? did they receive any help? the families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers. the wounded, some of whom now have to learn how to stand and walk and live again deserve answers. >> the president also said the investigation into this continues to try and get some of those answers. he directe
identified as 26 sean collier. and it wasn't over. now an armed carjacking of a black mercedes suv. the driver held hostage at gun point for half an hour. the gunman would take that mercedes suv would take that on a willed to deadly ride fr cambridge to watertown, massachusetts. the suspects shot at police and threw exploding devices from a speeding car. a police officer was seriously wounded. in watertown around midnight, this couple found themselves in the center of the storm. >> there are with 30 cups on foot running towards us on the opposite side. get back. what are you doing? get away. it was surreal. it felt like a movie. >> reporter: as 200 roun were fired, this resident called 911. >> i sherd explosion after explosion. i crouched down in the doorway and i saw the bullet come from here to there. it was so loud. >> reporter: shortly after 1:00 a.m. eastern time, a reporter was caught in the crossfire nearby. >> we're all taking cover behind the different news vehicles, even the police are taking cover behind their cars. >> these are bullet holes inside a local home. they wer
to honor m.i.t. police officer sean collier today. investigators say he was shot and killed thursday night by the bombing suspects. the hearst carrying his body passed through his hometown on the way to a park where a vigil was held this evening. and tomorrow on a special edition of "meet the press" we'll have the latest on the investigation from senate majority whip dick durbin and the chairman of the house intelligence committee and former fbi agent representative mike rogers. you can watch "meet the press" right here on nbc bay area at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >>> and the events in boston caused dozens of additional people to sign up for an emergency drill in san francisco today. >> hello! >> hello! >> about 50 of the 300 volunteers for the drill today signed up in the last few days after the bombings in boston. today's drill was for an earthquake, but the training covers everything from first aid to search and rescue, and firefighters say boston was a perfect example of why everyone should learn the basics of emergency training. >> bystanders at event in boston helped people and saved li
their final good-byes. and hundreds gathered on the street to mourn the death of m.i.t. officer sean collier, killed just before thursday night's shoot-out. meanwhile, back here at the hospital, caitlin tells me she's doing so much better. in fact, dan, she says, she pes hospital in the next few days. >> that will be great to see. gio, thank you. that's our coverage of the boston marathon bombing for tonight. >>> now, we turn to texas. where we're learning that the first responders who rushed in to put out the massive fire at the fertilizer plant in the small town of west, they paid a staggering price. much higher than we initially thought. abc's steve osunsami is there tonight. >> reporter: today outside that massive explosion site at that texas fertilizer plant, the local sheriff told us that the first responders who died didn't have a chance. 14 people were killed. and authorities say 12 of them were firefighters and paramedics and other workers who were there trying to put out the initial fire that may have caused the explosion. >> our priority today is the line of duty death investigati
, lingzi lu, 23 and martin richard, just 8. and police officer sean collier, 26, murdered allegedly by the suspects. at m.i.t. today a tribute where collier died on campus. >> i see a young man with incredible potential. i think the sky was the limit with him, and i think that in the future we would have heard a lot from him. m.i.t. is a real special place, and it is the real deal, and they deserve the reputation they have is deserved beyond deserved. but this is a whole other side that i'm starting to see. >> reporter: more than 50 people wounded in the blast remain hospitalized, including a 7-year-old girl in critical condition, and transit officer richard donahue, ironically a close friend of officer collier, gravely wounded during the chase for the two suspects. >> he works for the transit, and i'll always tell him you're never going to see any action because you're on the subway. but, you know, there he is jumping into the midst of a gunfight in watertown and making transit very proud. >> reporter: at the university of massachusetts, where suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was enrolled
in the next few days. >>> but it was a sad scene as hundreds came out to honor m.i.t. police officer sean collier. the 26-year-old was shot and killed in his police cruiser last thursday night. his death sparked the manhunt for those suspects. >>> charges against tsarnaev will likely include a weapons of mass destruction charge, which carries the death penalty. with the intense emotion surrounding the case, we asked former u.s. attorney michael garcia whether tsarnaev could get a fair trial in boston. >> very difficult to move a trial. the legal standard. essentially no jury in this city will be able to look fairly on the evidence. very high standard. i believe he will face trial in boston. >> tsarnaev is being questioned without being given his miranda rights as a matter of public safety. >>> one byproduct of the events of last week is a certain sense of boston pride. it was on full display. yesterday as the bruins took part in their annual shirt off our backs ceremony. it's usually a carom for the fans. they asked the first responders to attend and gave them their jerseys. and there was
, sean collier, 26 years old was shot to death in his police cruiser after midnight. he had been on the force about a year. after the that the suspects hijacked a car, threw the driver out unharmed, thread police on a chase through the northern suburbs of boston throwing bombs out of the car, gunfire as well on the pursuing officers, the car came to a halt for reasons we do not know. a fire fight ensued at that location, more bombs were thrown 200 rounds of ammunition was expended. the elder brother, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed that that fire fight but the younger brother, dzhokhar, 19 years old, escaped on foot. no sign of him since until perhaps this moment. what we're waiting to find out is whether, indeed, the police and the f.b.i. have found the suspect that they've been searching for so diligently all day long. john miller? >> it's interesting scott was this was for a swat team search for a suspect, an unusually large perimeter. this was a 20-block perimeter in a house -- in a neighborhood of very close-together houses and winding curving streets and yet if you look at spr
years old, had been with the department about a year, sean collier was his name. he was murdered in his police car. it was shortly after that, that a car was hijack on the road by armed men. the driver was thrown from the car, was not injured by the men who had taken the car. he called police and said he believed he'd been hijacked by the boston marathon bombing suspects. a police chase ensued. the people driving the hijacked car began throwing bombs at the pursuing police officers. at a certain point, that car stopped and a firefight began. we were told later today, late today, by the authorities that 200 rounds were exchanged in that firefight. john miller's sources have told him that a bomb of similar design to the ones use on monday at the race, one tho bombs was thrown at the police officers engaged in this firefight. it exploded. it apparently malfunctioned. it did not explode with the same intensity as the bombs on monday. but part of the bomb was found later embedded in one of the police cars. in this firefight, tamerlan tsarnaev, 26 years old, was killed. a police officer was s
night, police called to a shooting on mit campus. university police officers sean collier was ambushed in his patrol car and killed. at 11:30 boston time, police say the brothers carjacked a man a few blocks away in cambridge. they told the driver they were the marathon bombers. a half hour later they release it had man unharmed at a gas station where a surveillance camera captured this image of sovk sok. police caught up around 1:00 a.m. then running gun battle, explosives thrown from the car. >> they have explosives, some type of grenades. they're in between houses down here. >> then it got worse. police say tamerlan approached them with a pressure cooker bomb, but it malfunctioned. >> loud explosion sfwlchlt loud explosion sfwlchlt loud explosion! . >> in all, more than 200 rounds of ammunition were exchanged. officer richard donahue was shot and critically wounded, tamerlan tsarnaev dead. in the chaos of it all, dzhokhar rather than over his older brother's body as he sped away. at 4:30 a.m. people in eastern watertown were ordered to stay in their homes. by 58 a.m., the order expa
had once served with sean collier, the mit campus officer allegedly shot and killed by the bombers earlier thursday evening. today donahue's brother edward said donahue remains in critical condition. >> to our enemies, we will persevere and we will fight because we know no other way to live but free. >> reporter: investigators are waiting for their chance to talk to tsarnaev, he has what seems to be a self-inflicted bullet wound to the neck. federal prosecutors will likely charge him before he recovers, jeff. >> jeff: terrell brown, thank you. >> joining us now from washington is justice and homeland security correspondent bob orr. bob, with the suspect in the hospital, in this condition, where does that leave investigators? >> it's not clear, jeff, if or when dzhokhar tsarnaev will be able to talk to investigators, we have to say prosecutors really don't need his statement to build a criminal case because they have video evidence of him planting one of the bombs and also police to testify that they saw him take place in two shoot-outs with officers? watertown, massachusetts. but b
sean collier who ha mortally wounded. >>> the london marathon was run yesterday without incident. before the race started, runners observed a moment of silence in honor of the boston victims. there were more than 34,000 runners. many wore black ribbons to show that they weren't scared away. >>> and now to the small town of west, texas, where over 70 federal and state investigators are trying to figure out what caused a huge fertilizer plant explosion. wednesday's explosion killed at least 14 people, including ten emergency responders. 200 others were injured. and today students return to class for the first time since the blast. manuel bojorquez reports. >> reporter: for the first time news crews were allowed into the disaster area. this apartment building is one of 50 structures that were destroyed. wheelchairs are still lined up on an empty lawn. authorities said they were able to get a closer look at the explosion site. locad the seat of the explosion, which is important because as we conduct our investigation, we'll be workingm temeteinward. >> reporter: assistant state fire
investigators say campus police officer sean collier was murdered by the tsarnaev brothers. the burial for one of the three spectators killed in the attack was held today. thousands of family, friends, and strangers remembered 29- year-old krystle campbell. the line of mourners stretched down the block. she loved to watch the marathon every year. near nearly 50 people remain hospitalized. doctors said today all are expected to survive but many face a difficult recovery. jen regan's fiance mark fucarile was among the most severely wounded. >> mark was critically injured and still is in the i.c.u. at this time. he has recently regained consciousness. mark's right leg has been amputated above the knee and shrapnel litters most of his body. the most seriously being his heart. even though his heart was physically damaged, it did not lessen the size of his incredibly loving heart. >> reporter: boston is trying to ease back to its routines. some barricades around the crime scene have been removed. the site of the attack could be reopened as early as tomorrow. nancy taylor is a senior minister at the
lost one of its own. 26-year-old sean collier, an m.i.t. police officer, was shot to death thursday night as the suspects made a run for it. somerville deputy police chief paul upton was his former boss. >> it's not how these officers died that made them heroes; it's how they lived. sean lived to be a good police officer. that was his goal in life, yhat's what he wanted to be, that's what he was. >> reporter: lingzi lu was a graduate student from china studying at boston university. she was also killed at monday's bombing. the university will have a memorial monday and is setting up a scholarship fund in her konor. tm. as axelrod: thanks, terrell. today, the day after the city was blocked down, mass transit is moving once again, and two of oncon's professional sports teams, the red sox and the he rns, had home games. the cheers at fenway park were loud and full of emotion. as elaine quijano shows us, it wasn't just the home team they were cheering for. e> reporter: the pre-game ceremony was cathartic. it was moving. it was boston commemorating the past week and promising a better tt
officers at m.i.t. police officer sean collier. i want to speak about him in a moment, but these two suspects lived in cambridge, and you're the police commissioner there. have you been over to their apartment, have you seen what was inside? >> i have not been to the actual address. i've been near there, but haven't been in at all. >> i guess the fbi is going in there, going through it all. >> yes. >> what can you tell us about the weapons that they had? they didn't have a license to own a weapon, did they? >> no, neither one of them had a license. the younger brother, by virtue of his age, wouldn't be eligible of getting a license. >> you have to be 21. >> in cambridge. >> he was 19. older one, no record. what kind of weapons did they have? >> i have no idea, it's still part of the investigation. >> they had no authority to buy weapons or have weapons, no licenses, so somehow they've got them. who's investigating that part of the story? >> there's two investigations going on, as you can imagine what took place on april 15th is a federal investigation, then there's also a homicide in
was honored yesterday by his colleagues. a procession was held in cambridge for 26-year-old sean collier. police believe he was killed by the boston marathon officer since january 2012. civilian employee with the somerville police we'll continue to bring you the latest updates on the investigation into the motive of the terror attack. throughout the morning on kron 4. and on our website. at kron4 dot com. federal funds are being directed toward the recovery efforts in west, texas. the death toll from wednesday's massive explosion is at 14. president obama has declared of a state of emergency. that's freed up federal disaster funds to support local responders in texas. but residents have a lot of cleaning up to do. the blast was so big it registered as a 2-point-1- magnitude earthquake. and it damaged not only the plant but nearby homes, too, displacing many in the small town of 28-hundred. let's take a quick look outside this morning golden gate bridge let's check in with meteorologist janu arasu for your forecast . >> it is beautiful. we are going to see some areas of coastal fog but pl
explosion in west, texas. there is a nascar connection to sean collier. his brother, andrew, worked in the engine shot at hendrick motorsports. ♪ hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> you have to listen to that. that from the boston bruins game. fans have started a new tradition. for the third straight game, the hockey fans joined in the singing of the national anthem. i mean loud. and i suspect that tradition will continue for some time. meantime, boss it ton red sox slugger david ortiz will not have to pay any fcc fines for using some shall we say colorful language on live tv before saturday's game. >> this is a [ bleep ] city. and nobody going to dictate. >> that is one of those words you're not supposed to say on live tv, but fcc chairman sent out a tweet saying, quote, david ortiz spoke from the heart at today's red sox game. i stand with big papi and the people of boston. he signed it julius. so he gets dispensation for that i guess one time. >>> also saturday neil diamond showed his support for boston leading red sox fans in a version of his fenway park anthem "sweet
that usually you do not survive, frankly. officer don donahue's brother asking everyone to keep sean collier in your thoughts and prayers as rel well. martha: investigators continue their search for answers into the deadly marathon bombings new questions this morning about what this will mean for the administration overall. how washington is expected to reaccount a, what we might see as a result. joining me now fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good morning, good to see you. >> thank you, you too. martha: as the president looks at crafting the second term this is obviously a big event and it has raised a lot of questions about whether or not this administration has taken the war on terror at home seriously or whether they wanted to kind of push it aside and move onto other things. does this change any of that do you think? >> reporter: well i think it makes the hesitancy that the administration has man tested, and the president himself has manifested several times about calling something that looks for all the world like islamic terrorism, islamic terrorism. we've seen that in sev
. that is the captain donahue on the left and mit officer sean collier who lost his life in this rampage. that is the two men together at graduation. we know sean collier, 26 years old lost his life in the shootout when the tsarnaev brothers were on the run. he was assassinated according to reports in his vehicle. bill: fox news alert right now because we're waiting for the first court appearance of the two menu accused of plotting a terrorist attack against a canadian passenger train. they wanted believed to be attack a train traveling between the u.s. and canada. this is the first knownt canadas experienced to date. >> i want to reassure our citizens while the rcmp believe the accused had the capacity and intent to carry out these criminal acts there was no imminent threat to the general public, rail employees, train passengers, or infrastructure. bill: royal canadian mounted police there. canadian authorities say the men were working, quote, with direction and guidance from al qaeda members out of iran. iran denies the link. calling it part of hostile policies against tehran. more on
by these men early this morning. eastern time. his name is sean collier. to we know what it was that officer collier had been responding to, that apparently caused him to intersect with these two men? >> we know a little. but there are a couple of gaps there, and we can never say often enough, the information is coming together and as it comes together it can shift and change. but what we were told, in a very good briefing this morning, was he was responding to a call of a disturbance. then he goes off the grid. and the next thing we know, a police officer arrives on the scene, we need an ambulance. officer down, officer down, and from there, they are trying to put together what happened. after that it appears there is a second incident at a convenience store located at a gul station a short distance away where thi police chase. >> remarkably they didn't kill the driver of the mercedes. that's remarkable. >> it may be more convenience than anything. it may be faster to pull the man out of car. it could have been consideration. we don't know. sometimes it's about speed and efurchcy many. >> l
, the suspects, kill this m.i.t. police officer named sean collier? that has been a mystery that is unsolved now. we're learning more about what happened, but not really why yet. and a source with direct knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that collier didn't alert dispatch that he was responding to two men fitting their description. and he didn't have time to activate his emergency alert before being shot. we do know that collier was shot four to five times in the head and chest as he sat alone in his patrol car. the source also said it took police about 13 minutes to get to the officer after people called 911 about shots fired. so it is a developing situation. but still unclear what exactly happened there. now, in another part of this story, in massachusetts today, family and friends attended a private funeral for collier. this is about his family's healing during this, which is separate from the curiosity of how it fits into the investigation. a public memorial is scheduled for wednesday on the m.i.t. campus. vice president joe biden and his wife are expected to attend. >> reporter: salu
, this is from the m.i.t. community, recalling the death of sean collier, age 26, works security on the campus of m.i.t., was shot and killed last night between 10:00 and 10:30. we believe by the suspect that had been wanted. one dead, one still on the loose. the first statement coming out now, quote, he loved us. and we loved him. he made a big impression in the 15 months since he came to security patrol at m.i.t. he served there since january of 2012. he was single, a native of wilmington, massachusetts. quote, sean really look at police work as a calling. he was born to be a police officer. that from his police chief in and boss coming out moments ago. dead too soon at the age of 26. mike cox is with me. he witnessed the shootout, had stray bullets in this house. mike, good day to you. i imagine this is a day you never thought you would see in your home community of watertown. what did you see specifically last night and what time? >> around 12:30, i went to bed early. around 12:30 i heard what i thought was kids lighting off fire cracker tess at the end of the street, then they were louder
over the last several days. the victims of the bombing, martin, lindsay, krystle. officer sean collier and officer donohue. tonight you will have many questions. i want to say, as i have said the last several days, this has been a very active, ongoing investigation. for some of you tonight is a closure. for me the journey continues. this will be an on going and active investigation as we saw the details continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence and file our formal charges. i will say this. i have never been prouder to stand with a tremendous group of law enforcement here from the colonel to the commissioner to my federal colleague with the fbi, rick deslaurier. the state and local agencies and departments that worked so oh ha hard since the attacks on monday. so committed and putting their lives on the line as we fought the last 24 hours to try to get a suspect into custody. my journey and my office's journey begins and this investigation will continue so we will not be able to provide the details you may want at this time. as the days continue, you will get answers to those
loose ends out there they want fined out about him. start thinking about sean collier, the mit police officer that lost his life and the other police officer now recovering at the hospital at the moment. they want to start thinking about people so badly hurt throughout the course of this, injured and lost their lives, there at the finish line in this marathon. now it's time to reflect on that. it's also time to be glad that the threat is over, they can go back to their normal lives here, greta. >> we have another live hour coverage and we're trying to get information on the condition of the second suspect. the one taken into custody. i'm curious what he is going to say. i'm going to hear -- i hope to hear about his condition and there will be questioned in the next few days. it's interesting how when when we're first here monday it's like a ghost town, now, we can see more cars i don't know if it's just friday night in boston but it feels different now that he's in custody because i say -- this threat has been weighing over the city for good reason. he did kill. what happened to that
tragedy has hit this year. lingzi lu krystle campbell, martin richard and sean collier. the city has a long way to go. tonight, a big sigh relief. >> poppy, thank you very much indeed. let's go to cnn's jason carroll who has been in watertown. a lot of people, smiling people, replacing all the tension of the last few days. >> reporter: we did see that, piers. as each emergency vehicle pulled out they were met by neighbors who came out of their homes, applauded and cheered and honked their horns. if you look behind me you can see the flood lights are on their house, down the street. to the left of the corner there. you have police finishing up their work. all of this really -- please are thanking that one homeowner who came out of his house after he was on lockdown, saw something suspicious in his backyard. saw the glad on the boat, then looked closer, saw there was a bloody man inside. he went back to his house, he thun calls 911. emergency crews show up, the fbi, s.w.a.t., police are using their tech knowledge, helicopter, using infrared to get the exact location of the suspe suspec
the body of sean collier last night and the twin bombing suspects were likely his killers. officer collier was just 26 years old previously worked in summerville massachusetts. the police lieutenant cold the globe the girls here in dispatch haven't stopped crying. the transit police officer wounded in the shootout in watertown is out of surgery. a spokesman for the transit agency says richard donahue is in critical but stable condition. he adds the officer has a six month old child at home and graduated in the same class as the m.i.t.officer killed last night in the standoff. a live report from the hospital where doctors have been treating this second bombing suspect is coming up as fox reports live on the capture of the second two of suspects in the bombing of the boston marathon. [chanting u-s-a]. don't notice tg at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills coulget expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate a
on monday and so many were injured. most recently mit police officer sean collier was killed during a shootout last night and our heart felt -- heart felt warm prayers and thoughts to their families. >>> we are learning more about the alleged bombers at the boston marathon including where they came from and how they might have been radicalized if they were. we just don't know. for one of the brothers it wasn't even his first run in with the feds. peter doosey has more. >> that's right, greg. back in early 2011 the fbi says a foreign government reached out and is asked them to use their resources to check in on tamerlan because they thought he had ties. they went to work looking for derogatory phone calls or on-line searches or posts that promoted radical activity. any associates thoan to be radicals. they looked at his travel history and travel plans, his education history. the fbi interviewed tamerlan and his family members, but we don't know which family members. what we know is they didn't find anything suspicious. no proof of terrorist activity so they cleared him and losed the
. they also said that now is the time to remember people like sean collier, the massachusetts institute of technology campus policeman who was killed in the early stages of that frenzy and chase that ensued a day or so ago. and richard donohue who is fighting for his life in the st. al ban hospital also shot in the confrontation with the two suspects, one deceased. heather, back to you. >> thanks, mike tobin. we'll check in with you later this morning. the stepson of the man's whose boat he hid in last night while authorities were searching for him is speaking out about that chaotic situation at the family home. listen to this. >> well, speaking on behalf of the family, the most important thing is there was a period of time that we, the family, didn't know exactly what was transpiring. it was just like y had pointed out, there's so much information coming in, we actually were notified by a friend that there was a franklin street home on the television. of course, i spun 180 degrees to the television to see literally my mother and my stepfather's home there with the boat that the suspect
of their own. 26-year-old m.i.t. police officer sean collier, killed thursday at the hands of the brothers. finally being able to breathe a sigh of relief after so many hours holder their breath. >> i want to thank all of the partners two worked tirelessly over the last four days. we're exhausted, folks, but we have a victory here tonight. >> reporter: and still here, their job is not over just yet. right now, at this hour, investigators are at the house where suspect number two was captured. so many in the community calling the police heroes this morning. >> a title they deserve. thank you. our thoughts and prayers are with the collier family this morning. >>> time now for the weather. ginger is off. we welcome erica martine, from new haven, connecticut. >> good morning. mother nature has not gotten the memo yet. conditions are still rough out there. we reported some snow in duluth, just over 17 inches. conditions out there are pretty rough. we do have another storm working its way in across the state there, really, across the country. the low moving across. we have colder air working its
triggering a five-day nightmare in boston. 58 people are still hospitali hospitalized. sean collier was the fourth person to die allegedly killed by tsarnaev brothers. he was fatally shot while sitting in his car late thursday night. >> the manhunt has ended in two very different ways for the bombing suspects one brother is dead and of course the other brother right now captured and now it's time for investigators to focus on the full puzzle and figure out what may have motivated the two brothers described in the past as normal. >> joe johns joins us now from washington. what's the fbi telling us about their priority questioning of the older now dead suspect? >> they did question the older now dead suspect two years ago and this was an individual who actually had a foreign government request that they question this individual. they went to see him. they talked to him and then they let it go pretty much. there's going to be a lot of questions about that. why they actually got this guy red flagged and then ended up pretty much letting him walk given all that's transpired over the last
in thursday's shooting death of an m.i.t. officer, the event that set off the manhunt. the 16-year-old sean collier as an officer with a baby. recently began volunteering at the boxes gym with suspect number one, tamerlan tsarnaev, trained several years ago. the owner of the gym said it's unlikely the two ever crossed paths. one of those injured in the attack is an 11-year-old martinez boy and there is promising news about him this morning. yesterday aaron hern ate his first solid meal since being injured. he was struck in his leg and arm by shrapnel near the finish line as he waited for his mother to cost. we have a story about several community fundraisers this weekend for aaron and his family. you can find it on our website at "see it on tv." >> there was relief the second suspect was captured alive. they also described a quiet and eerie city they left behind. we have their stories from sfo. >> passengers arriving at sfo had just come from a boston they had never seen before. >> eerie. >> with the manhunt underway, boston was basically shut down. no taxi's, transit or amtrak for hours. >
officer sean collier, who was shot and killed in this thursday night shootout with the bombing suspects. right now 57 people are still in the hospital after monday's bombings. three of them are in critical condition. with the hunt over for the suspects, investigators are focusing on the full puzzle of what motivated these two brothers described by many people as normal. what mote tivated them to kill? early indications are that the two suspects acted alone. crime and justice correspondent joe johns joins me from washington, d.c. what is the fbi telling us about their prior questioning of the older deceased suspect? we know they put out a statement saying a foreign country, which we believe to be russia, expressed an interest in him. what exactly is the fbi describing about that event? >> they say they questioned him in 2011. they looked at telephone records. they looked at travel records. they did what they could, they say. and they went back to that country who asked for questions and said we haven't found anything. can you give us some more information? no more information was forward
people. let's take a look at these young faces. this is 26-year-old sean collier. he was an mit police officer, killed in the line of duty, shot in a late night confrontation with the suspects days after the bombing. three other victims killed by the explosions at the race on monday afternoon, including this young lady, 29-year-old crystal campbell. a restaurant manager who was killed while cheering on a friend at the marathon. and here is 23-year-old lo ling, a graduate student from china pursuing a degree at boston university as so many young people do. she was studying mathematics and statistics came out on that lovely day to watch the marathon with so many friends. and this little boy, eight-year-old martin richard, the youngest victim there. he was at a bruins game. there is a bruins game today. no doubt he will be remembered there. he was a third grader who had just hugged his dad at the finish line when that first bomb exploded, having been set down by the 19-year-old allegedly and that story will continue to tumble out. his family released this statement saying this: none of t
collier. our only solace is sean died bravely doing what he committed his life to. serving and protecting others." those are your headlines. >> clayton: boy is that sad. >> alisyn: sad. >> tucker: coming up on "fox & friends," several high-ranking lawmakers calling on president obama to classify the bombing suspect as enemy combat tant. remember, he wasn't read his miranda rights. what would it mean? and why is it important? the constitutional attorney will weigh in on this when we come back. morning, brian! loveour passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the lt one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. you can't have the same car as me, gary! i'm gett' one. nope! [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort b
in respect in the town of wilmington as the casket of sean collier went by. at the same time m.i.t. students in cambridge honored the 26-year-old policeman who was shot to death in his cruiser thursday night. >> he seemed to be adventure us, bright, talented person, his murder sparked a deadly manhunt for the two brothers suspected in the boston marathon bombings. the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed in an intense shootout thursday night. the search for his brother ended friday night. 189-year-old suspect was found hiding and bleeding this a boat sitting in the backyard of a watertown precedent. dzhokhar remains hospitalized under heavy guard in a hospital in boston, unable to communicate. but officials are casting a wider net in the complex investigation in wt motivated the brothers. two of his classmates were arrested saturday in new bedford on administrative investigations. after five days of terror, people in boston are trying to move on. >> we put it behind us and are moving on. >> on saturday that meant returning to fenway park where bostonnians knocked back to their favori
, candles and signs honoring 26-year-old officer sean collier. police say he was shot by the two bombing suspects as he sat in his patrol car in cambridge last thursday night. an amazing connection to tell you about. turns out officer collier was friends with transit officer richard donohue jr. who mike and i were mentioning was shot and wounded during the standoff with the suspects. this picture was taken the day those two men graduated from the municipal police officers academy in 2010. marathon runners across the globe paying tribute to the victims of the boston bombings. that piercing whistle officially signaling and then ending a 30-second moment of silence in london at the start of the race there for 36,000 runners. hundreds of extra police officers deployed along the 26.2-mile stretch, runners wearing black bands on their harms, as you may see here in the video, showing solidarity with boston. >> i was always going to run today, but obviously after what happened, it was so shocking, and it does run through your mind, is the same thing going to happen today? all those people that l
and signs honoring 26-year-old officer sean collier. he was shot by the two bombing suspects as he sat in his patrol car in cambridge last thursday night. an amazing connection to tell you about. turns out officer collier was friend with the policeman shot and wounded. this picture is the day they graduated together from the academy in 2010. >>> marathon runners across the globe paying tribute to the boston bombings. (whistle blows) >> and that piercing whistle officially signaling and then ending a 30 second moment of center lines in london at the start of the race there for 36,000 runners. hundreds of extra police officers deployed along the 22.6 mile run wearing black bands on their arms showing solidarity of boston. >> it was so shocking. that goes through your mind if the same thing were to happen today. you want to run for all of these people who lost their lives. really sad what happened. today should go well. >> remembering all of the boston people. (indiscernible) >> one person said he would not miss being there for anything, prince harry who was at the finish line handing out
, kris -- crystal campbell and sean collier. abc7 news reporter sergio has the story on a local business that has launched a few fundraisers to help. >> at mountain mike's pizza each pie is hand made. and for the last few days they have been packed with extra generousity. a portion of everything sold will be donated to help aaron hern's family as he recovers. >> i am thinking we can give 2,000. we haven't done the math yet. we will be adding it up pretty soon. restaurant has been settingf sa. they were surprised how customers have even chipped in extra. >> people are dropping off some money saying can you give this to his family. and we are putting this aside as well. >> for some customers it has been a great way to help. >> it has been fun. i drink a lot of beer, but it was for a good cause. >> word spread fast that aaron hern was one of the 170 people injured in the boston marathon bombing. >> i live in martinez so i found out that it was the football coach's son, so yes. really close to home. >> she is a manager at kinder's meat and barbecue. others are also from martinez so they deci
for two victims of the tragedy, kris -- crystal campbell and sean collier. abc7 news reporter sergio has the story on a local business that has launched a few fundraisers to help. >> at mountain mike's pizza each pie is hand made. and for the last few days they have been packed with extra generousity. a portion of everything sold will be donated to help aaron hern's family as he recovers. >> i am thinking we can give 2,000. we haven't done the math yet. we will be adding it up pretty soon. >> since wednesday this restaurant has been setting aside 30% of their sales. they were surprised how customers have even chipped in extra. >> people are dropping off some money saying can you give this to his family. and we are putting this aside as well. >> for some customers it has been a great way to help. >> it has been fun. i drink a lot of beer, but it was for a good cause. >> word spread fast that aaron hern was one of the 170 people injured in the boston marathon bombing. >> i live in martinez so i found out that it was the football coach's son, so yes. really close to home. >> she is a manage
.i.t. police officer sean collier the fourth victim not to be forgotten in this tragedy. he was just 26 years old ambushed in his police car shot multiple times on campus. collier born to be a police officer because of his protective nature. coincidentally he volunteered at the gym where one of the suspects actually trained as a boxer. for more on how you can help the families, the victims of last monday's attack in boston, go to there's a lot of information there on a lot of different organization. this plan is subject to change if news warrants, but we've got a lot of more information we're covering. he's of course accused of killing four people, wounding dozens more. now dzhokhar tsarnaev lies in a hospital unable to
sean collier. all lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack. prosecutors chornlged the suspect of one count of using a weapon of mass destruction and one count of malicious destruction of property. this as the white house says he will not be tried as an enemy combatant. we are going to you first, kimberly. there has been a lot of questions leading up to today's announcement from the administration that they will not charge him as an enemy combatant. does that matter this this case? >> they won't classify him. it does. it affects what certain rights and privileges he was afforded. there was a theory that he should be treated as an enemy combatant which means he is tried in a military court. but the administration decided not to proceed that way. it is not surprising how they handled other cases in the past. with this situation what happened is they have done the public safety exception and they started questioning. he is not able to give them verbal responses, but he is writing, so that is in response to questions. they are allowed to do it because how do you know th
on wednesday for the mst police officer sean collier. the becoming suspects shot and killed officer collier on thursday night. a dance instructor who lost her left foot in the boston terror attack is insisting that she will dance again. what's more, this woman adrian davis says even though she has never been a runner, she plans to run in next year's boston marathon. the second explosion hit the 32-year-old and her husband. he is an air force captain who just got back safely from afghanistan. and despite shrapnel in his own body, he used his belt to tighten his wife's leg above the wound. she says that she won't let the attack, quote: steal my whole life. we're just beginning to hear from some the victims of last week's attack. many of them still recovering from life altering injuries they suffered during the blast. fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel has been speaking with those men and women. he is live in boston at the hospital. doctor, what are they telling you. >> shepard, this is a story of courage and hope. it's a story of 25-year-old katelyn indicates who was standing at
officer sean collier, for reasons we do not understand yet and may never understand they open fire on him. the word that has been used for that was an assassination by police. police have called it an assassination. from there, they move to hijack a vehicle from a man who was driving a mercedes bins. they take the vehicle and drive it into water town. they release the man will he let him go. what the man leaves behind is a cell phone. that allows watertown police officers and other officials to track him down because they ping the cell phone and they find the vehicle in watertown. >> bill: let me stop threw. i understand there are two vehicles now. one vehicle the hijacked mercedes and the other a stolen honda; is that correct? >> yes. the vehicle that was driven. stolen suv and honda following close behind. but what happened was both suspects eventually enter the mercedes bins suv and with the hijacked victim for a short period of time. >> why didn't they kill him? >> we don't know yet. there is is a report out there that the reason they didn't kill him because he was not an american. we
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